wild cupcakes

i know everyone has posted about this kid already but for the few who have still not seen it... tada! SO DANG CUTE!! the perfect little max.

also found these cupcakes. if i had these i don't think i could bear to eat them!


Wild Things

T-5 days until Where the Wild Things Are movie comes out and I cannot wait!

The Morgan Library Museum currently has an exhibit up with Maurice Sendak's original drawings and they are so amazing to see. He makes little notes to himself as he is writing out ideas so it is cool to see how the final product came to be and what the alternate versions were like (example a different idea for the cover).

I also stumbled across this website via twig & thistle where a variety of artists create works inspired by Sendak. there are so many great ones but these are two of my favorites.

all these images are getting me pumped even more for the movie!


diaper cake #2

for our dear friend jessica we got back together to put combine our creative forces :)

since jessica is expecting a baby boy we thought this cake topper would make a good friend for him and keep him company while growing up.

we love the polka dot ribbon and festive feel of this cake!