old school meets new

love this little casset wallet by adam tolsma.
enter for your own chance to win at HOW design!

i might be on that site everyday for awhile hoping for one of these!


cold spring new york

i am heading to cold spring, new york this saturday and i cannot wait!

there will be antique shopping (super excited for some yummy finds), hiking, and tasting of a delicious popsicle if i can find the popsicle lady!

from time out new york

from nytimes.com

will be back on monday with hopefully some great photos!


american museum of natural history

i took a vacation day this friday to take some time for myself and it was wonderful! got to walk around the city on a nice day and finally check out this museum. it is now one of my favorite places in the city.

i paid extra to go to the special Frogs exhibit which was pretty neat...some of the frogs were a little too creepy for me but these are the ones i like!

clockwise from top left: dart poison frog; ??? sorry cannot remember; waxy monkey frog; chinese gliding frog

the hall of biodiversity and one display from the new york city mammals

the large mammal displays were just amazing! so realistic with the beautiful paintings that blend seamlessly. the artists did an amazing job and i think it would be so fun to do that kind of work!

from the hall of north american birds. looks almost like a painting!

then i went and enjoyed a shake shack shroom burger (portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese and then fried! yumyum. i was too hungry to snap a shot of it but here is what their regular burger looks like..


wash the dishes!

i've had an etsy site for awhile now...mostly for purchases but one day i hope to start selling.

in the mean time i have posted a couple of things my mom has made! every time i go visit she gives me these wool dishwashing loofahs that she SWEARS is the best thing to wash your dishes with. it gets out all of that grease from your pots and pans w/o scratching it.

i just think they look cute so i decided maybe some other moms and dads and or anybody who does dishes might want to try this baby out.

voila! a couple are now on my etsy site. a few more designs to come.


buttons = happiness

i think i must invest in a button maker.

for my friend's graduation i decided to surprise her with a little home made cheer.
these buttons were super easy to make once i finished the design, thanks to a coworker who owns a machine it took just a few steps to create one of these bad boys!

she just graduated from optometry school so it was fun to come up with some cheesy lines :)