just got back from dallas celebrating the marriage of one of my closest friends... so happy for a new beginning and nostalgic for our youthful past.

anywho we will always be young at heart! being married makes no difference :)

here's a little coupon i designed for the girl's gift to them.

and here is another delicious food photo! one of my favorite fruits :)


wish list

egg planters from jschatz.com
i love!


green delight

my den of creativity...its bigger than it looks! :P
as you can see there are the essentials..coffee, ipod, and random things to distract myself when i need it!

and i have become addicted to the health food store down the street from my office. wasabi peas, brown rice with veggies and black sesame seeds, tofu with buckwheat soba noodles, and best of all...edamame!



making paintings for juha