thanks to a fellow blogger i discovered the wonder of poladroid! it makes my normal photos into a polaroid quality photo that i so dearly love!

Queenswest retreat

bug driving by (this is one of my favs)

kayla and ella

heather and phu's wedding (original photo from jimimages)

new light switch i just made! got the idea from timeout ny. i love how i have a bird theme going on on my walls :)



oh geesh i knew i would be bad at keeping up with this blog.
i haven't done anything creative in forever! but i'm trying...

in the mean time i am trying to explore my cooking abilities. i recently rekindled my love of baking and eating cookies. so of course the first batch came out in utter failure! i found the recipe online. they were organic peanut butter healthy cookies...no butter and sugar! i think this was the reason why they did not taste good...but it could also have been because i strayed from the recipe. anyway these were so awful they did not deserve a photoshoot!

on the other hand....these plain old chocolate chip cookies they were so soft and chewy and delicious! hyung, melissa and i made these from an recipe found online. these of course are full of fat and probably why they turned out so yummy.

this was also a pleasant cooking surprise! bowtie pasta, sweet italian sausage, tomatoes, parsley, cream, garlic, green onions, and some other spices. amazingly simple and yummy!! i will definitely be making this again.

as for art...i have been getting inspired by etsy lately. i ended up buying this cute little necklace while doing a search...the envelope opens up to an "i love you" note :)

i have a ton of little side jobs i need to focus on but lately i haven't been motivated. i'm hoping the little things around me will inspire and refocus me.

til next time! i hope i have something to show besides food :)